xXEN Governance Token (Upcoming)

xXEN serves as the governing driver behind the XENA ecosystem. Holding this token unlocks an array of advantages for the holders.

Token Details:

  • Ticker: xXEN

  • Max Supply: Dynamic max supply of xXEN, the governance token of XENA, redeemed by staking and redeemed for XEN utility token.

  • Total Supply: Dynamic. The total supply of xXEN adjusts based on conversion and redemption actions with XEN utility tokens.

  • Contract address: 0x61cec9a37B95f2fE8f170B1cdd5C3dA3cCaAA793

How to Receive xXEN:

  • receive xXEN by converting XEN in the XENA DAO Pool

  • Converting XEN yields xXEN on a 1:1 basis

  • xXEN is a transferable governance token

  • Stake xXEN to receive bonus XEN tokens

  • Minimum vesting (2 weeks) receives XEN at a 1:0.5 ratio

  • Maximum vesting (12 weeks) receives XEN at a 1:1 ratio

xXEN Allocation:

To ensure a fair launch of the project, there is no pre-allocation or pre-mining of xXEN tokens. All users and community members, including the XENA development team, are invited to join the XENA DAO by staking any XEN tokens they earn.

xXEN Governance Token:

  • Governance Power: xXEN is the non-transferable governance token of the XENA DAO, giving holders decision-making authority and asset management roles within the ecosystem.

  • Conversion and Redemption: Convert XEN to receive xXEN on a 1:1 basis. xXEN can be redeemed back to XEN after a minimum 2-week vesting period.(click here for more info) The redemption amount of XEN increases linearly with the duration of the vesting period.

  • Participation in DAO: xXEN holders actively participate in the XENA DAO, where they shape the project's future through voting on important proposals and initiatives.

  • Early Participation Bonus: The XENA DAO is kickstarted with an early lock bonus program, rewarding xXEN holders with additional XEN tokens to encourage their early involvement.

Treasury Rights:

The XENA DAO also assumes the responsibility of an Asset Manager for the ecosystem, overseeing all management and access to the DAO Treasury. 50% of protocol revenue is distributed to the DAO Treasury, continuously creating additional value for DAO participants. These fees are added to the DAO Treasury.

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