XEN Fair-Launch

A fair launch is a transparent and equitable distribution strategy for a cryptocurrency, where the tokens are made available to the public from the start, avoiding pre-sales or allocations to specific groups, ensuring equal opportunity for all participants.

  • NO VC;

  • NO presale;

  • NO whitelist;

XEN, with its fair launch mechanism, provides several avenues for acquisition:

  1. Supplying Tranche Liquidity: As part of the LP incentive program (XLP), you can secure XEN tokens by offering tranche liquidity.

  2. Generating Trading Volume on Xena: Each dollar traded on Xena awards you a point. These points indicate your share in a weekly reward pool. Although these rewards undergo a vesting period of 60 days, you have the option to claim them early, but with a 50% reduction.

  3. Participating in XEN/ETH LP Incentives: XEN can also be earned through XEN/ETH LP incentives, a rewarding method for liquidity providers.

    -Users need to lock XEN/ETH in order to get XEN as reward

Who Can Participate?


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