🟢Phase 1: Xena Liquidity Bootstrapping Event

Xena is set to roll out through a structured, three-phase process. Every stage has its unique mission and offers various avenues for community engagement.

Dive deeper into each stage to understand its details and discover the opportunities it presents for participants:

Phase 1: Liquidity Bootstrapping Event

Users are introduced to a beta version of Xena Finance in the initial phase. The Xena platform supports a variety of wallets that users can choose to connect with - giving them the option to interact with smart contracts and execute trades via our user-friendly platform.

The Phase 1 mission aims to familiarize users with the aesthetics and functionality of the Xena Finance Platform and to bootstrap the initial liquidity for the platform's functionality, which subsequently rewards early adopters with XEN tokens for actively participating & seeding liquidity. Phase 1 also aims to seed liquidity for the XEN token itself, making it widely available for users to acquire and participate in the future of the Xena DAO.

The Xena Liquidity Bootstrapping Phase will be open for 4 weeks.

Phase 1 Details:

  • The liquidity bootstrapping event will last for 4 weeks

  • Users who provide liquidity to the Xena Liquidity Pool and lock their XLP tokens for 3 months will receive XEN tokens as a reward, on top of the standard yield for XLP depositors.

  • Users who provide and stake XEN/ETH LP tokens will earn bonus XEN rewards.

  • Liquidity providers who commit to lock their XEN/ETH LP tokens for 3 months will get even greater XEN rewards.

  • 5% of the total supply of XEN tokens are allocated towards the Phase 1 Bootstrapping Event.

  • All XEN token rewards will be unlocked during this phase.

For users who prefer to actively engage in the platform's functionalities instead, Xena Points (pXEN) will be credited to users based on their their trading activities. Users will earn 1 pXEN token for every $1 traded, which will later result in additional rewards during the Xena Launch Phase.

Refer to the Tokenomics section for detailed token economics and emissions schedules

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