Referral Tiers

The more trading volume you generate and the higher your referral tier, the more you earn. Rewards are distributed based on the Referral Tier associated with a Referral Link. The higher your Tier, the greater the rewards. To advance through Referral Tiers, certain criteria must be met.

Tier breakdown:

How to obtain your own Referral Link

To attain Whitelisted status, referrers will need to fill out the following form: [Upcoming]

Example: Tier 2 Regular Referral Link During a week, the referrer accumulates $10,000 in fees from traders using their referral link.

Referrer income: For $10,000 and a Tier 2 regular referral link, the referrer will receive $300 (a 3% rebate to the referrer).

Trader income: If a referred trader incurs $500 in trading fees, they will receive a $15 cashback in pXEN tokens (a 3% discount to the trader).

Rewards are paid out weekly in pXEN tokens.

The applicable price of pXEN will be calculated using a 7-day TWAP (time-weighted average price) from various exchanges.

During Launch Phase 1, pXEN token will accumulate throughout this period which will result in additional rewards during the Xena Launch Phase. Refer to Phase 1: Xena Liquidity Bootstrapping Event for more information.

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