Xena Loyalty Program

Xena seeks to incentivize its traders with a generous points-based rewards program. New initiatives and programs will be introduced over time to help foster a growing community.

Trading Incentives

The first initiative of the Xena Loyalty Program begins with Trading Incentives, which grants 1 Xena Point (pXEN) for every $1 in volume traded. pXEN will accumulate and can be redeemed on a weekly basis. This program is designed to thank our traders for their continued support and participation in the Xena ecosystem.

The Xena Loyalty Program is a key part of our initiative to incentivize and foster a thriving trading community. We believe in rewarding our users and acknowledging their role in building Xena's vibrant ecosystem.

During Launch Phase 1, pXEN token will accumulate throughout this period which will result in additional rewards during the Xena Launch Phase. Refer to Phase 1: Xena Liquidity Bootstrapping Event for more information.

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