Value proposition

Xena Finance differentiates itself from both centralized and decentralized exchanges with unique offerings:

Permissionless Markets: All trades are executed through smart contracts, ensuring continuous access to and management of positions, regardless of the status of the user interface.

At Xena Finance, every trader is equal, with no prioritized access, providing a fair trading ground for all participants.

Real Utility, Real Cashflow, Real Yield: Our platform offers a truly decentralized, permissionless, and non-custodial trading environment. Liquidity providers, traders, and stakeholders can earn real yield from platform revenue and actively participate in governance, leading to community ownership of the DAO Treasury.

Up to 50x Leverage: Traders can benefit from up to 50x leverage on margin trading with both market and limit orders available for perpetuals and swaps.

This amplifies trading flexibility and enables more intricate strategies.

Minimal Price Impact & Reduced Risk of Liquidation: By integrating Chainlink Oracles, Xena Finance provides minimal price impact trades for improved execution in perpetual trading.

Innovative Liquidity & Risk Management Solution: Recognizing the importance of liquidity providers, Xena Finance enables them to choose their level of risk exposure when providing liquidity. We've taken inspiration from the bond and mortgage-backed securities rating system to develop an LP vault with programmatically defined risk exposures. This strategy empowers our liquidity providers and ensures the continued functioning of the platform.

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