What is Base Chain?

Base is a secure, affordable, and builder-friendly Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution designed to accommodate the next billion users in the blockchain realm.

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, incubated Base with plans for progressive decentralization in the years to come. We staunchly believe that such decentralization is pivotal to establishing an open, global crypto economy accessible to all.

Ethereum L2 Being an Ethereum L2, Base furnishes the security, stability, and scalability you require to power your decentralized applications (dapps). With full confidence, deploy any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) codebase and enable your users and assets from Ethereum L1, Coinbase, and other interoperable chains to easily transition to Base.

Big Features, Small Fees Experience the benefits of an EVM environment at a fraction of the typical cost. Gain early access to forthcoming Ethereum features such as Account Abstraction (ERC4337), user-friendly developer APIs for gasless transactions, and smart contract wallets.

Open Source Base is built upon the MIT-licensed OP Stack in collaboration with Optimism. As the second Core Dev team working on the OP Stack, we aim to ensure its availability as a public good for everyone.

Scaled by Coinbase Base offers a seamless way for decentralized apps to utilize Coinbase’s wide range of products and distribution channels. It includes easy Coinbase integrations, convenient fiat onramps, and access to millions of verified users in the Coinbase ecosystem.

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