Xena DAO

Our mission is to position the DAO as the platform's Asset Manager and ultimate strategic decision-maker.

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Goals of the XENA DAO

  • To be completely permissionless and decentralized

  • To ensure democracy and transparency

  • To act as the centerpiece of the Xena ecosystem

  • To be the ultimate decision-maker for strategic matters

  • To be the Asset Manager of the ecosystem

  • To encourage stakeholder participation and contribution of expertise

  • To lead the ecosystem to be a preeminent marketplace for decentralized liquidity

Initiation of the XENA DAO. The XENA DAO began simply in the form of converting XEN tokens for xXEN to grow a stakeholder’s share of governance power. This quickly evolved to include deeper functionalities such as managing protocol assets and proposing and voting on governance.

The XENA team is committed to ensuring a smooth governance and decision-making transition from our hands to the DAO and community. A gradual process is required to make this transition smooth, efficient, and secure. With the support of the DAO and community, the team will retain control over governance for an initial period of months and following the xXEN Bootsrapping event, at which point the XENA community will be sufficiently engaged and mature to face all the challenges of the ecosystem.

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