Token utilities

The twin tokens of the Xena ecosystem, XEN and xXEN, offer a multitude of benefits and opportunities to their holders.

See how to obtain XEN Token and xXEN Token

XEN Token: Core Utility Functions

XEN token serves as the backbone of the Xena platform, offering various utilities:

  1. Premium Account Access: Stake or purchase XEN tokens to upgrade to a premium account level. Premium account holders enjoy reduced fees based on a volume threshold.

  2. Early Feature Access: As a premium account holder, you're given exclusive early access to new features on the platform.

  3. Enhanced Earnings: Premium account status grants a multiplier effect on your XEN LP earnings, allowing for increased returns.

  4. Exclusive Events and Promotions: Holding XEN gives you access to unique raffles, events, and promotions within the Xena ecosystem.

xXEN Token: Governance Utility

xXEN token, on the other hand, empowers holders with governance rights within the Xena DAO:

  1. Decision-making Power: As an xXEN holder, you act as an asset manager and a decision-maker within the XENA DAO.

  2. Incentivized Participation: XENA DAO fosters early engagement by rewarding xXEN holders with emitted XEN tokens as part of its incentive program.

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