How to XLP Liquidity

Xena Finance allows you to earn protocol revenue and Xena token incentives by giving you the option of depositing additional liquidity for traders into three possible tranches.

Read about Tranche Pools


Locate and navigate toward the "Earn" button on Xena's webpage as displayed in the picture below.


Here you can explore our three distinct XLP pools, each tailored to your investment preferences. Each pool has a risk profile adjusted based on asset allocation, allowing you to choose the one that aligns best with your risk appetite. - read more here


After you select the desired Tranche XLP pool, simply navigate to it and click the 'buy' option on the right. Enter the amount of available assets (BTC, ETH, USD, CBETH) you'd like to contribute as liquidity. Immediately, you'll see the exact number of XLP tokens that will be credited to your wallet.

Voilà! You are now providing liquidity to the tranches and stand to benefit from both revenue sharing and token incentives.

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