DAO Proposals

Become a member of the Xena DAO, and hold the power to initiate and engage in Proposals. This is your opportunity to directly influence the future direction of Xena Finance

DAO Proposals

The Xena DAO preliminarily focuses on the following topics:

  • All expenditures, including engineering, are submitted to and approved by the DAO.

  • Treasury functions, partnerships, and incentive programs - are submitted to and approved by the DAO.

  • Nominate contributors - Anyone can petition the DAO to engage new contributors, advisors, community members, or professionals, so long as it is in the interest of the majority.

  • Our vision is to have a lasting and strongly aligned community continually working toward the improvement and expansion of Xena.

Things the DAO will Propose, Control, and Approve:

  • Trading fees

  • Fee distribution

  • The listing of additional crypto assets

  • Integration of new asset classes (forex, indices, synthetics, commodities, etc.)

  • Cross-chain expansion opportunities

  • Other features that are integral to the platform's success

  • Security - although a priority from the outset of the platform, as Xena grows, security will continually increase in importance. The DAO has complete oversight over current and future bug bounty programs and security audits - the cornerstones of operational security.

  • Other topics or matters that are of operational and/or strategic importance

Through governance proposals, the Xena DAO has control over all parts of the Xena ecosystem.

The flow of governance proposals is as follows:

  • Forum posts are created by the Xena DAO on Website

  • Open to the public for deeper discussion and community feedback

  • Once a proposal reaches quorum, it is formally raised on the site as a Xena Improvement Proposal (XIP)

  • xXEN holders have 24 hours to vote on the XIP

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