Keep in mind our roadmap may shift and will be regularly updated as we make progress on our projects. To stay on top of the latest changes, feel free to inquire on our Telegram or Discord server.

Q3 2023: Creation of Xena Finance and User Interface Design

  • Begin development of Xena Finance.

  • Conduct thorough research to understand user needs and expectations.

  • Design a user-friendly UI/UX for a seamless experience.

Q3 2023: Integration into the Base Protocol and Private Live Net Testing

  • Integrate Xena Finance into the Base protocol.

  • Begin private live net testing to identify potential issues and rectify them.

  • Gather feedback from early users and make necessary improvements.

Q3 2023: Full Launch of Xena Finance on Base Chain

  • Official launch of Xena Finance on the Base chain.

  • Begin extensive marketing and user acquisition efforts.

  • Continue to monitor user feedback and make iterative improvements.

  • Start of the referral program

Q1 2024 and Beyond: Expanding Features and Services

  • Roll-out with XLP tranches based on the RMLP system.

  • Based on user feedback and market trends, begin development on expanding the features and services of Xena Finance.

  • Look for partnership opportunities to increase user base and transaction volume.

  • Periodically update the community with progress reports and future plans.

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