Dual Token Model in Xena

Xena implements a dual-token model, segregating the protocol's governance and utility functions into two distinct tokens: XEN and xXEN, respectively. This strategic separation fosters efficient resource allocation and aligns user incentives without being adversely affected by utility demands.

XEN: The Utility Token

XEN, the native utility token within the Xena protocol, enables a multitude of functions on the platform. XEN can be burned for premium account status, permanently lowering fees for a certain amount of volume. Premium accounts will also get access to new Xena features, raffles, events and promotional activities. Premium accounts may also receive bonus multipliers on their LP earnings.

XEN also functions as an incentive token, rewarding participants to providing liquidity and participating in other incentive programs.

Furthermore, XEN can be converted into xXEN, the governance token of the Xena DAO.

xXEN: The Governance Token

xXEN is the native governance token of Xena. It grants holders the power to influence decisions within the Xena DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which governs the entire Xena ecosystem. enabling active participation in vital platform choices.

Community voting takes place on the Xena DAO, providing an avenue for decision-making on crucial aspects such as fees, product decisions, listings, and treasury management.

Fair Allocation

In line with the ethos of a fair launch, no xXEN tokens were pre-allocated to any parties, including the team, community members, or users. This strategy ensures a just and balanced distribution of decision-making power.

Through this dual-token model, each stakeholder group can apportion their XEN and xXEN tokens according to their specific interests in the protocol, enabling a fairer, more balanced ecosystem.

We invite all these parties to become a part of the Xena DAO by staking XEN tokens in the XEN DAO Pool to earn xXEN and grow their governance share in the DAO.

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